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Sick Submitter Review

Wed, 02/09/2011 - 7:53AM by trentonuwsimpson 0 Comments -

Sick Submitter has really acquired to be 1 of the very best kept secrets and techniques within the marketing planet and is also probably the closest thing there's to an SENuke Alternative. I have to acknowledge, I noticed a couple of folks recommending it on the well known forum, but when I went to take a look at the gross sales page, I just did not get it.

Effectively, right after 1 month of use, I now get it.

Within eight days of testing Sick Submitter, I acquired a fresh domain ranked at number one in Google for two of my selected keyword phrases and top 10 to get a handful of other people. That is 8 days from registering the domain, to acquiring my pages right up there. Now, admittedly the phrases I was focusing on were not probably the most competitive, but I was rather impressed nonetheless, and proceed to add quantity one rankings to my repertoire utilizing this extraordinary device.

The closest other tool I can compare it to is SE Nuke. While Seo Website link Robot is not an SE Nuke Killer, Sick Submitter may well very effectively be (although it does not do exactly the exact same thing, in terms of results obtained, the comparisons are obvious). It's certainly a incredibly plausible SE Nuke choice, and at a price you won’t believe! How about $19.99 a month? Properly, that is the value when you join now, but this may go up.

So what precisely is Sick Submitter?

You certainly require a little qualifications info prior to I can clarify the true energy of this device. So right here goes….

On the web, you will discover a selection “platforms” that permit people today like you and me to produce profiles (like discussion boards), make comments (like blogs) even produce your personal blogs on other people’s domains (like WordPress MU). Now, visualize when you had a instrument that could setup accounts at hundreds (if not thousands) of this sort of website, and then automate the posting of your data to them. For example, Sick could create 1000 forum profiles for you, and consist of a link back again for your site, or to a Internet two.0 house exactly where you have been building up your own content material. Nonetheless, this just isn't where I've discovered the power in Sick. What I have carried out would be to setup Sick so that I have created my personal weblog networks on numerous platforms, after which post to every of these websites on the standard basis. General I have some thing like 300 blogs hosted on these third get together internet sites, and I can add my personal content material, and a lot more importantly my own hyperlinks to 300 web sites whenever I like. I can commonly get a brand new page ranking inside the top rated ten within days for my selected phrases.

Okay, you're starting to really feel the power of Sick Submitter, but we haven’t completed but.

The way Sick is built implies that Anyone can create their very own packets of internet sites. Do not be concerned in the event the believed of that scares you…. Other consumers are producing packets and giving them away (or promoting them) around the Sick forum. You'll be able to get packets that will develop accounts on publish articles on article directory web sites, WordPress MU web-sites, ELGG internet sites, etc. You may get packets which will publish to site directories. The truth is you may get packets to publish to just about any platform.

Now, the accurate energy of this device isn't inside the packets, but inside the templates you'll be able to also get. A template allows you to generate your personal functioning packets, by pasting in a listing of URLs, choosing the packet and hitting construct. A script is going to be created that you'll be able to then use to submit your content & hyperlinks to the URLs you entered. URLs can be scraped with a tool like Scrapebox, which signifies that you're not using the same web-sites to publish your stuff to as everyone else. You'll be able to construct up your personal library of sites.

Total, Sick is hugely flexible as proven by the ingenious coders that are developing packets and templates for Sick to ensure that we have the ability to publish to nearly any platform on the internet.

Get Sick Submitter Free Trial

Sick will do the basic stuff nicely, but it excels at giving you selection and innovation.

Basic stuff contain:

 * Automated Profile Generation
 * Unlimited Profiles
 * Directory submissions
 * Sick Builder enables you to code your personal platforms
 * RSS creation and submission
 * Works with popular Captcha services
 * Hyperlink wheel options
 * Pinging of URLs you develop
 * Proxy harvester and tester
 * and so a great deal more….

Once you visit the website, you truly don’t get a real idea on the power that this instrument wields. My outcomes have been nothing short of amazing, and Sick is 1 of my most highly recommended tools.


SEO Link Robot Video Walkthroughs

Thu, 02/10/2011 - 9:08AM by trentonuwsimpson 0 Comments -

Oops, I forgot to place these within the last posts. Here are some seo website link robot guides to assist you to out with building a enormous empire that will take more than page 1!

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/KVoSddjiJl8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Fo1EvlJ8B-o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Are Forum Profiles Nonetheless Useful for Seo?

Thu, 02/10/2011 - 8:34AM by trentonuwsimpson 0 Comments -

It appears like additional and additional internet entrepreneurs are obtaining on the forum profile backlinks bandwagon and with all the new computer software obtainable out there right now sucgh as XRUMER and Sick Submitter you almost certainly won't see it slowing down anytime quickly.

Are Forum Profiles Nonetheless Relevant to Google?

How lots of forum profiles can you blast out in a day? You'd be shocked if I stated the possibility is limitless. It is possible to effortlessly blast an ESTABLISHED web-site with about 20k to 50k effortlessly with only constructive results.

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